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Personal Consultancy

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I know life can be pretty overwhelming sometimes. The everyday pressures we face are relentless- our roles, responsibilities, relationships and resources require a constant response from us. And that’s just when life is going well; the pressure increases even more when we face challenges and circumstances we didn’t see coming. And the truth is (if we were being really honest with ourselves) lots of us feel out of our depth, giving to the pressures of life more than we should, more than we want to, and more than we can- and that is stressful, right?

Well, I’m not here to take away any of that pressure- that’s not within my power, but what I can help you with, is taking the stress out of that pressure.

Why Personal Consultancy?

Be more in charge of your life

Develop your personal qualities

Live life skilfully

Personal consultancy integrates coaching, mentoring and therapeutic support to help you experience long-lasting transformational change that isn’t defined by what has happened to you but by how you respond to it.

By teaching you how to live your life from the inside out, you’ll develop qualities such as self-regulation, resilience, adaptability and communication- skills that are increasingly vital at work, in relationships, and for navigating the general landscape of our lives skilfully.

How It Works

I can provide a non-judgemental, supportive and confidential space to listen, reflect, and help you to process the process of change.

That means it’s not just about setting a few goals to achieve, reaching them, and then moving on. I have spent years learning that lasting change starts from the inside out, so my conversations with clients always start there. I bring insight, understanding, and compassion to my coaching style to help you understand you, to figure out how you tick and why you react the way you react.

Working together we can learn to better understand how your thought patterns, belief systems and emotions (your internal landscape) influences your relationships, resources and responsibilities (your external landscape). Through the application of tools and techniques, you’ll discover the power of living your life from the inside out and how to make the internal choices that bring lasting external change.

Coaching with me could bring you the following benefits:

Improve self esteem
Confidence in decision making
Sense of inner peace and wellbeing
Stress reduction strategies

Self-acceptance and selfcare
Increase intimacy and authenticity in relationships
Sense of purpose and clarity
Safe space to process

I’m committed to being an honest companion on your journey through whatever you’re navigating right now- be it good, bad or ugly. I’m not afraid of the tough stuff, I’ll be someone that holds up a mirror, gives you prompts and signposts towards your future, and will help encourage your soul, equip your mind, and empower your spirit.

In short, I’m here to help you be Equipped for Life.

Let’s Get Started!

I am available for one-hour personal consultancy sessions tailored to what works best for you, either online or in-person, depending on location. We’ll start with a quick preliminary chat- 30 minutes or so to determine if what you need help with, is something I can provide, and then we’ll set up some time for follow up sessions.

Book Your Free Preliminary Conversation

Subsequent sessions £150/$185 per one-hour session (some concessions available)
Minimum of 5 sessions recommended

If you don’t learn to lead your life, your life will lead you